How will you spend the last few days of Summer?


Saturday a couple of museums in the Upstate are offering free admission. You can search anywhere in the country and get your ticket here:

Wednesday night the Greenville drive take on the Greensboro Grasshopers at 7:05 at Fluor Field. It's also AJ Whittenberg Night. They play Friday night as well and will have fireworks after the game.

Friday there is a macaron workshop at Le Petit Croissant from 6:30 til 9pm. The class is $55 and you'll learn how to make macarons! 

Saturday there is a lot to choose from! A Greenville Drive game at 7:05 and it's Furman fan fest as well! 

The 2018 Southeast game exchange! If your kid is a gamer, he or she will love this! A two day pass is only $15 and you can buy, sell or trade your video games.

Sunday, the Greenville Drive take on the Hickory Crawdads at 4:05pm

Take the kids to a waterpark this week! The Upstate has many to choose from including 7th inning splash, Discovery Island, Otter Creek and more!

Bowling? Take the kids to the new Spare Time in Greenville, Rock Springs Baptist Church in Easley has their own bowling alley (and it's super affordable!).

If none of those rock your world, throw an impromptu party! If you have a pool, a pool party, or maybe just a last bash of summer party with snow cones, s'mores, the works! 

Set up a sheet on the wall of your home and have movie night! Use a projector, or make your own (easily googled). Have plenty of popcorn on hand!

Let your kids open a lemonade stand and just see how it goes! 

AND you MUST stop by the Scoop Shoppe Ice Cream shoppe in Six Mile for a Freak Shake!

Whatever you do, make these last few days with your kids count! They will always remember it!


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