Adam Hambrick Talks "Rockin' All Night Long" & Reveals Go-To Karaoke Song


Country singer/songwriter Adam Hambrick has a lot to be "Rockin' All Night Long" to celebrate. Aside from his rising hit single, Hambrick also recently shared a new song called "All You, All Night, All Summer," and not to mention he's performing at this year's Stagecoach Festival.

Adam, originally from Mississippi, has been songwriting for a while and even helped pen hits like Dan + Shay's "How Not To" and Justin Moore's "Somebody Else Will," among others ... and he's only getting started. Over the last few months, Hambrick has shared a couple of new songs for fans, including "Rockin' All Night Long." He tells iHeartRadio of the track:

"I like to tell people that 'Rockin' All Night Long' is a song about the moments that are too good to sleep on, and the way that changes over time when you're a kid, you're chasing a party, you're chasing good times and pretty girls. But as you get older, still those memories, they still tend to happen late at night — they just kinda look a little different. Even though responsibility kinda changes you, life changes, it's still fun to stay up all night."

We also had Adam play a game of Me vs. Drunk Me, and we learned a lot about the musician including his go-to karaoke song and more. Read on below.

When you say something that you immediately regret

"I feel like that's kinda me on a regular every day basis. We're just gonna go regular face emoji."

Adam Hambrick 2019

When you hit the stage at karaoke

"I probably need one or two to sing karaoke. Singing karaoke when you're a singer is kind of a thing. So, I'm gonna go drunk me. Give me 'Uptown Funk' by Bruno Mars for karaoke every time."

Adam Hambrick 2019

When you make plans and then forget that you made plans

"When I make plans and forget that I made plans ... like you guys are just hitting me on the every day. Like this is what I do every day. If I didn't have a calendar on my phone, I would lose my mind. I don't know how people like keep up with anything without everything laid out for them on a daily basis."

Adam Hambrick 2019

When you're buying rounds of drinks for everyone

"Sometimes I like to sit around and be the chaos-maker when the chaos is going on. So, I'm just gonna say, I'm gonna do that straight face. I'm gonna make a decision to bring the party and let everybody else have a good time, sometimes."

Adam Hambrick 2019

When you pack on the PDA

"I'll get a little sloppy [and] kiss my wife on the mouth in front of everybody."


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